Candy in the Bible? A Super Bible School Activity for Elementary Kids

October 20, 2022 0 Comments

Did you had any idea that M&M’s are in the Good book? Or on the other hand could the sweet treat Laughs? Alright. Alright. Perhaps these yummy treats aren’t in God’s sweet Word, however your children will partake in this pleasant Book of scriptures school action intended to make them salivate over a few notable individuals and accounts of the Holy book. This game is particularly amazing to play around October 31st. I refer to it as “Treats in the Book of scriptures.”

This is your specialty:

I proceeded to research and went to their pictures and afterward looked into pictures for every one of the accompanying confections: 100 Thousand Bar, Child Ruth, Butterfinger, Crunch Bar, Additional Gum, Hot Tamales, Unit Kat Bar, Lifelines, M&m’s, Geeks, Know it alls, Chuckles, Harsh Punch, Starburst and a Twix Bar. Print a decent image of each of these onto 8.5″x11″ paper. Cover them since you will need to haul this out of your record every year. Your children will cherish it. You are currently prepared to do the movement.

In your best professional comic mentality and voice, tell your children the accompanying:

Hello, Folks! Did you had any idea about that M&M’s are in the Holy book? (Show the image.) Of coarse they are! It’s Mary and Martha! (Give a major misrepresented giggle. The children will begin to participate.)

Who is Child Ruth? (Show picture and hang tight for reaction.) It’s Boaz’ spouse when she was only a small seemingly insignificant detail. (Snicker.)

Want to know why I haul around some Additional Gum? So I’ll be reminded to take “extra” exceptional consideration while saying the name of Jesus. (Chuckle.)

Who had awful “Butterfingers” in the Book of scriptures? Adam and Eve! They let Heaven slip directly through their hands! (Chuckle.)

Who was gotten “Chuckling” in the Book of scriptures? Sarah, obviously, when she heard that God would give her a child in her advanced age. (Giggle.)

Were there any “Unit Kat’s” in the Good book? Simply ask Daniel. He needed to go through a night with a few of them! (Snicker.)

Who were the three “Hot Tamales” in the Good book? Shadrach, Meshach and Abednego! They could have been hot in that heater, however they didn’t get singed! (Chuckle.)

When was the “Crunching” sound heard in the Book of scriptures? Each time John the Baptist chomped down on a beetle! (Giggle.)

Who thought they were a lot of “Know it alls”? The Pharisees! They assumed they were a lot of smarty pants! (Giggle.)

I bet you don’t have the foggiest idea who the “Twix” were in the Book of scriptures? Keep in mind? Isaac had several them – Jacob and Esau! I know, I know. That is pushing it a smidgen. (Chuckle.)

Who can say for sure when there was an enormous “Starburst” in the Good book? It happened when Jesus was conceived! The astute men followed it to His trough. (Chuckle.)

Who took a “Harsh Punch” in the Book pillar of salt of scriptures? Goliath! Right between the eyes! (Snicker.)

On a more serious note, how might a “100 Thousand Bar” help us to remember how Jesus helped every one of us? He took care of our transgressions.

Furthermore, who is the best “Lifeline” of all? Jesus!

Alright. Here is the last one. Who are the “Geeks” in this world? Anybody who doesn’t trust in Jesus! We should appeal to God for them at the present time.

Close your time in supplication. Perhaps end this Book of scriptures school action by passing out some sweets. Appreciate!